Kitesurf in Cork, Ireland

Kitesurfing in Cork, Ireland

There is a wrong way to learn kitesurfing, and a right way! And this is not a sport for trial and error!

The beaches in Courtmacsherry, in the heart of West Cork, are a perfect location to take up this new skill. But we highly recommend you begin with professional lessons and learn it the safe way, and the right way.

We offer expert tuition and state of the art kitesurf equipment. Ireland is the perfect location with plenty of strong wind coming in from the Atlantic, for when you want to bring your kiting to the next level.

You can decide whether you want to learn in a class of 2 people, or privately in a one on one lesson with your instructor.

Kitesurf lessons aren’t up on the calendar, but you can contact us to book!

Is Kitesurfing dangerous?

Yes, if you try to learn it the wrong way, by figuring it all out yourself!

But you will be in safe hands with our instructors, who will guide you through the safe way to do everything, from launching and landing, flying the kite, reading and understanding the conditions, waterstart, self rescue, and much more.

We operate at a very low ration of one instructor to 2 participants, who are sharing one kite at the start. We will choose the correct conditions and run you through the full program to give you all the skills you need and gain a full understanding of the techniques and procedures.

Modern kitesurfing equipment is much safer to use than in the past, with multiple emergency release systems built into each kite, combined with a much deeper understand of the necessary skills required.

But I could just buy a kite and watch a youtube video, right?

Sure! The money you save will be handy to put towards your hospital bills!

Is kitesurfing easy?

Compared to other watersports or sailsports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing is easier to take up, and the learning curve is faster, especially at the start. It is more technical than wakeboarding as a good understanding of the wind and conditions is paramount, but less so than windsurfing.