Kitesurf in Cork, Ireland

Kitesurfing in Cork, Ireland

Flying an enormous kite, and using it to skim over the surface of the water, through the waves, and up into the air. Seriously, what could be more fun than that?

We love teaching kitesurfing in Cork. We use a variety of local beaches depending on the conditions, but most often teach on the large sandbank at the Courtmacsherry estuary. This is a fantastic spot to learn because of the consistent winds, waist deep water, and an uncrowded sailing area.

Learning kitesurfing in Ireland you may sacrifice hot, sunny days. But in return you can learn with qualified instructors in standing depth water with space all around you. Which means you can focus on learning in a safe and secure way, without worrying about people nearby.

If you’ve seen people kitesurfing and want to give it a try, we say go for it! At worst you will have a fun new experience, at its best you may just find a sport that will change your life!

You can decide whether you want to learn in a class of 2 people, or privately in a one on one lesson with your instructor.

Kitesurf lessons aren’t up on the calendar, so contact us to book!

Is Kitesurfing dangerous?

Kitesurfing is dangerous in the same way as driving a car is dangerous. Learning kitesurfing with lessons is the only safe way to learn. We use depowered training kites to learn on until the student has full kite control and is in the water. We teach and practise correct use of safety systems, understanding the conditions and correct set up of

the equipment before the kite even goes up.

Many sports can be learnt without lessons with the help of an experienced buddy and some common sense. Kitesurfing is not one of them.

Is kitesurfing easy?

We find many people assume kitesurfing is far too difficult or physically demanding to even try. The truth is it's easier than many people think. if you are reasonably fit, able to swim, and willing to put in the time you can learn it.

All adventure sports take time to master, so don't expect to be up and jumping in the first class. But once you've reached independant kiter level (average about 6 classes) you will be up and kiting with the rest of them, and progressing quickly from there.

This contrasts with sports such as surfing or windsurfing. Windsurfing you will be on the board in the first 20 minutes, but to progress to windsurf in all conditions and look like the other windsurfers blasting across the water will be much more gradual.