asked questions!

Where is Gecko Adventures?

Courtmacsherry Beach, straight past Courtmacsherry hotel and on the left! Stick our name into google maps, or click here: 51.635515, -8.698418

Is my child old enough for...?

Kids camps, kids kayak etc 6-14yrs

Windsurfing, Learn to Kayak Skills course, Academy, Sailing 13yrs+

Kayak Tour: 6yrs+ children are welcome to come with their family


I don't know if I can do it!

With modern equipment (super-light rigs and wide stable boards) learning to windsurf is easier than it was years before.

Paddleboarding/SUP are fun and peaceful activities, falling in occasionally is just part of the sport! What will happen? You’ll get wet!

Our kayaks are stable and easy to use for everyone, big and small! Our instructors will guide you through the whole thing and keep you feeling safe and comfortable.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

I'm scared! Is it safe?

All of our instructors are highly skilled and experienced and their level of expertise combined with modern equipment and safe operating procedures makes these sports and activities safer than ever!

The most valuable safety procedure in our toolbox is prevention. We are dedicated to minimising incidents before they even begin. And if anything ever does happen, all of our instructors are highly trained in advanced first aid and rescue.

Like all outdoor activities, the likelihood of bumps, bruises, scrapes and slips is also present, particularly with children. We cannot control every eventuality in outdoor adventures, nor should we.

Ok, but I can't swim?

No problem! All of our participants will be fitted with buoyancy aids and wetsuits, beforee being shown and demonstrated how to safely use your craft under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors.

An ability to swim is not a necessity for most activities, and we pride ourselves in introducing less experienced participants to the ocean and helping them build their water confidence.

For more advanced sports such as sailing, an ability to swim is a requirement.

What do I need to bring?

Swimsuit and a towel, booties or old runners for the water, lunch and water, sun protection!

Right, but do I need my own wetsuit?

Of course not! We provide all equipment including wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, kayaks, paddles, high fives and terrible jokes.

Ok but I have my own wetsuit and I really like it, can I bring it?

Yes! You are welcome to use your own equipment as long as our instructors agree it is safe to do so.

However if your wetsuit isn’t adequate for the conditions, our instructors will insist that you wear one of our high quality winter suits. Our priority is the whole group’s experience. We’d hate to have to cut a session short to warm you up!

Will I stay dry on the kayak tour?

If you choose to stay in clothes/shorts, you will at the very least get a wet bum!

1 in 100 may fall in during the tour, and usually because they’re playing around. That being said, it is important that you always wear appropriate attire for that unlikely eventuality!

But I can bring my phone and camera, right?

We strongly advise against bringing your phone or camera, unless you have a very reliable waterproof case and it is firmly attached to your person. Fumbling with your paddle while trying to work your phone with your wet hands in your wobbly kayak is an olympic sport. Leave it to the pros.

But... how will the 'gram know I was even here?!

We often will take some pictures for you (feel free to ask), but if you do choose to bring your phone or camera, it is entirely 100% at your own risk! We do not as of yet operate deep sea recovery missions for lost personal items. No matter how much you plead.

What about my inhaler, epi-pen, tablets etc?

No problem! Just let one of our instructors know and they will be happy to carry it in one of their dry bags for you!

Should I tell the instructor about my erratic narcolepsy?

YES! If you have any medical conditions, even though you will have disclosed them on your registration form, please also let your instructor know. If you would rather, you can pull them aside and let them know in private.

My child has ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, etc. can they join too?

We will always do everything we can to include your child, as long as it is safe. You know them best, so it is up to you to help determine their capabilities. But please do let us know, so that our instructors can better plan and prepare for your session.

Wow I just saw someone wearing this awesome Gecko hoodie, where can I get one?!

Our hoodies and t-shirts were pre-ordered but we do have some extra sizes/designs in stock, so contact us to see if we have what you want. Otherwise, we will be doing another pre-order next year.

Now choose your favorite activity!