Archery Tag, Cork, Ireland

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Our newest activity! Similar to paintball, after some basic skills and a safety briefing, you will do some target practice before teaming up and then finally… You get to shoot your friends! 

With our foam tipped arrows and paintball masks, safe and fun for a truly exhilerating adventure in the woods!

Fun game of archery tag shooting bows and arrows


Is archery tag safe?

Yes, with archery tag's soft foam tips and full face paintball mask protection, archery tag is perfectly safe for all ages!

Can the foam tip fall of?

The foam tips are securely threaded and fixed in place. Even if a foam tip did somehow fall off, the flat plate plastic behind it would be just as safe, but the arrow would not shoot properly.

What age do you have to be?

Archery tag is suitable for ages 6 and up. Smaller children will not be able to pull the bowstring back far enough and so will be using much less power for each arrow. We do recommend not mixing age groups however.

Does it hurt?

Archery tag doesn't hurt, though the fear of getting hit can make some players nervous beforehand. As soon as the game starts they usually get into it. The impact of an archery tag arrow is slow due to the waited tip, and is far softer than paintball.