School Tours in Cork, Ireland

A thrilling adventure for your School Tour in West Cork

Build water confidence and learn exciting new skills on an unforgettable adventure!

Our school tour package includes a full day of activities. The day begins at the centre where half the group will begin land activities such as Archery Tag, Orienteering, Beach Games etc, while the other half of the group hits the water for water based activities such as Kayaking, Giant SUP, Pier Jumping, Raft Building and more. There is a lunch break halfway through the day, after which students will switch activities and move from land to water, or vice versa.

School Tours are priced at only €35 per person.

Select 2 water and 2 land based activities of your choice:

Contact us to create a tailor made package for you and your school.

beach games school tour cork
archery tag school tour


Do children have to be able to swim?

If your child can't swim, this is the perfect way to build water confidence in a fun and safe way! All participants will be wearing buoyancy aids at all times on the water, and will be under the expert supervision of our experienced instructors.

Can I choose what to do?

Yes, get in touch and let us know your preferences and we will build a package for you. Typically a school tour will choose 2 water activities (eg kayaking, raft building, pier jumping) and 2 land activities (eg archery tag, orienteering, team games) and we will book your session according to your availability and the local tide times!

How do I book?

Get in touch by email or contact us on 083 897 6392 and we'll get you sorted! You won't find School Tours on our online booking calendar as they are a tailor made package to suit your needs.